Revolving Cow, LLC

Solving over complicated problems with simple software solutions
Charles Forerunner



Through the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling we can

  • highlight useful information
  • provide accurate conclusions
  • support decision making



From requirement gathering to final delivery we practice test driven development to provide efficient and long lasting custom solutions.



Whether it is because an existing platform has changed or requirements have been refined, we can track down defects, perform preventative maintenance, or provide performance enhancements!

Clean and eloquent solution implementation
Aleksi Tappura
Mozilla's Observatory

Mozilla has recently publicly opened up a new tool Observatory at The tool aims to help developers and security professionals be aware of potential issues and help resolve them for a more safe and secure Internet. This will be a dive in to targetting our own website at and then listing the issues and how we resolved or justified them. The actual results can be viewed here.

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Written by: Bryan Allred
Looking in to the mirror

So recently we got it in our heads to record our daily work for later review. The idea was to assess various points: How much actually coding is done? How much work other than laying down code is performed? How frequently are we interrupted? How do we respond to interruptions? Our findings Our experiment spanned 5 days and we recorded approximately 40 hours of video and audio. Some portions were not recorded because of sensitive data and/or logic but the sampling is still pretty decent.

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Written by: Bryan Allred
A Developer's Operating System

The Inspiration About a month ago an article written by Mathew Garret, The Desktop and the Developer, was published which made some ripples throughout the community (or at least was referenced through various sites). Here is a summary of his observations: Majority of deployments of OpenStack (for what the conference he was attending was all about) are Linux-based The most popular laptop vendor at the conference appeared to be Apple Macs are aesthetically pleasing Developers don’t want to use different hardware and operating systems for work and pleasure The new generation of developers are more interested in the overall user experience And here were some of the revelations: Why migrate to Linux where at best they would have a comparable experience?

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Written by: Bryan Allred
Focused on return of investment versus feature bloat
Sergei Zolkin